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Is it only when the last tree has died, the oceans poisoned with pollution, and the last fish killed will we realise we cannot eat money?

In today’s society it is pretty easy to get caught up in our own stresses of everyday life. Whether it’s stresses associated with work, the struggle to complete a uni assignment, upcoming HSC exams, and even the insecurities and anxieties we have about our body’s imperfections. Whether it’s bad skin, weight, whatever, we all have our own issues we deal with…The expectations being placed on us in society to do well, constantly look good, to get a good job and makes lots of money is making us quickly lose sight of the things that really matter in this world – one of them being the Earth and the connection we share with it. The ONE Earth that literally provides everything for us and the one we are quickly destroying.

When are we going to realise that Plastic is having a such a negative impact on this beautiful world we live in? Whenare we going to realise that convenience is not the answer? We need to beco
me more conscious about our choices we are making in a daily lives. Let’s remember the role we as humans play on this Earth and leave a positive footprint for future generations. The plastic problem is right in our backyard, as you can see in the picture, there is so much rubbish being washed up and left on our beaches. So what are the little steps we take to starting making a positive different?

– Next time your at the beach, pick up any bits of rubbish you see and chuck them in the bin, you could be saving a little fishies life.

– Next time your go for your groceries shop try to remember to bring your own bag, and say no to the plastic one.

– Get yourself a reusable water bottle.

– Bring your own mug for your coffee, or say no to the plastic lid.

Every choice you make as a consumer makes a difference. Be part of the solution not the problem.