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Make a Difference For Life in the Ocean.

What We Do

Living Ocean is a charity that promotes the awareness of human impact on the ocean, through research, education, creative activity in the community, and support of others who sustain ocean health and integrity.

While always celebrating and honouring the natural environment and the life that the ocean offers us.

Our whale research program builds on research that has been conducted off our coastline by our experts over many years and our Centre for Marine Studies enables students and others to become directly involved.

Through collaboration with individuals and organisations, we conceive, create and coordinate campaigns that educate all layers of our community – from our ‘No Plastic Please’ campaign, which is delivered in partnership with local schools, to film nights and lectures, aimed at the wider community.

Additionally, we raise funds for ocean-oriented conservation groups such as Sea Shepherd.

Founded in 2010 in Whale Beach on the east coast of Australia, we are a growing community, connected by our love of the ocean and waterways that surround us.”