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iving Ocean was born in Whale Beach, on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, surrounded by water and set in an area of incredible beauty.

Ever since the pioneering surfers arrived in the 1970’s, this area has attracted a vibrant, free-spirited creative community, whose stories and legends have been transmitted over the decades – both by word of mouth and through the locally founded surfing magazine, ‘TRACKS’.

Our community continues to be inspired and nourished by the ocean.  Every year, there is great excitement and anticipation of the spectacle of migrating whales and dolphins.  Each of us, in different ways, benefits from a lifestyle that is blessed and brings joy, simply because it is there to behold.

In 2010, Kim Hubner watched a film of a whale being harpooned in the Southern Ocean.  Moved by what she saw and passionate about wanting to do something to help, she, along with husband Deon and friends Carol and Robbi Newman, decided to host an event to raise funds for Sea Shepherd, an Organization hard at work to stop this type of barbaric practice.

So began Living Ocean.  A not-for-profit celebration of this special place and the people that shape it.

And although our numbers have swelled from four to many  more, our essence continues to spring from harnessing the creative energy that abounds in our community.   And the power of collective energy of people who are inspired by the natural world and who realize that doing nothing doesn’t make a difference.

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