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Lili’s Story

My name is Lili. I live in Avalon with my husband Brad and our 5 month old baby boy, Rowan. Avalon is our home and heart space. Like most Northern Beaches residents we feel an affinity for the ocean and cherish the lifestyle that it affords us.

I have grown up in Avalon and watched as the Northern Beaches has changed from a collection of small sleepy surf hollows to busy bustling villages. I love Avalon. The deep heaving ocean, the curved beach, the green tree filled valley and the sense of being that little bit out of the way. I don’t mind the change and have hoped that the opening of bars, curated boutiques, and the influx of designers and creative types will only encourage the younger generations like myself to stay on raising their own families here. But most of all I hope that we don’t lose the incredible community spirit that has defined, not just this place past the bends, but the whole of Pittwater and greater Northern Beaches.

With the birth of our own little boy Rowan, we feel the need more than ever to contribute to conserving the amazing environment that we live in. For us this means living consciously and openly, educating ourselves and building our awareness. As members of the Living Ocean team we want to continue to cultivate the community spirit that celebrates and honours the natural environment not only for our children’s future, but the for future of life on earth.

Researching and learning about the impact that plastic has on the land and sea has inspired us to cut back on our own plastic usage. When you stop and observe the plastic that passes through your hands just on a daily basis, it is truly frightening. Particularly when we now know just how much of this plastic is around forever – littering the land and clogging the sea.

It is an overwhelming task for most families like us to even think about completely avoiding plastic. So let’s take small baby steps. Any materials sourced and manufactured for single use consumer distribution have a profound effect on our planet. We can make a huge difference just by choosing not to use single use plastic items, such as straws, coffee cups and plastic bags.

We hope to inspire families both in Avalon and on the Northern Beaches to make small changes to contribute to reduced plastic use. On the Living Ocean blog we will be featuring local families and businesses who are making an effort to cut down on their plastic usage and for those of you on Instagram, follow us for continued encouragement to say “no plastic please”

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