No Plastic Please

Launched in partnership with Barrenjoey High School, No Plastic Please is an initiative that aims to create awareness about the impact of plastic pollution on the oceans.  Our goal is to create a positive behaviour change within our community by encouraging more sustainable consumption of items such as: plastic bags, bottles and coffee cup lids.

The initiative has subsequently been presented to schoolchildren in a number of local schools by local ‘heroes, – professional surfers and body boarders, as well as film directors, who act as spokespeople for the campaign.  This has been successful in both allowing children to understand that their choices have an impact, and in creating advocates of the children themselves.

Additionally, we hold film nights, lectures and talks about the subject, often in partnership with the producers and other relevant organizations, which are attended by the wider community.  We are also working with the local chamber of commerce, and in turn, local shopkeepers, to offer more sustainable packaging.

The campaign is funded by donations, ticket sales and by the sale of recyclable water bottles and other products, all available for sale both in our shop and in local outlets.

Famous Surfers & Supporters tell it like it is on Our Youtube Channel